Jan 14, 2012

Poetic letter: "We want evil, for our good"

Gone are our promises,
In a peaceful life, caressing,
Dishes broken, cries faded,
Quickly find our liberty.

Sure, we hated,
We are betrayed,
Our troubled smiles fade,
Our souls pained, cry tears.

Children, dogs, cats, horses racy,
Houses, studios, luxury watches,
The time of reckoning has come,
Breaking the marriage of raw.

In these unlucky days,
Where nothing is fades,
Our actions keep in mind,
Our troubles, sharp strife. 

To agree as our ideas,
Faced with signs of our mistakes
Let's make peace, respect us,
Boldly surpass our doubts.

Despised, we want evil
The distance, gum scandal,
And forgive the old links,
Separated, for our good.

All rights reserved, Joëlle Jean Baptiste
Written for a heroine in a series.