Dec 21, 2014

Poetic letter: The surprise of Christmas

                                      The surprise of Christmas

I envied this cat, his beauty

No worry not disturbed

If this is his daily meals

He was eating delicately

Whimsical, like fondling

Old age has prevailed, yesterday

It is gone one winter morning

It is now free as air,

Like a pasha

In the paradise, of cats

We remember his nonsense

Clinging to the hair

Clawing also the curtains

And when we sang Christmas

He meowed at will

It ran by pulling the belts

Night bathrobes

In summer, quietly swatting flies

Breaking flower vases

Hiding our remonstrance

Like a sphinx, he was moving, skillful

Turning around my ankles

While I was in pain

It purred happiness

For relieving my troubles

He was walking on the high roofs

Of the opulent houses from Detroit

The cat was reluctant to go down

On seeing the firemen seek him

Suddenly it fled and meowing

Roll into a ball near to by the fireplace

We assistant at the last Christmas dinner

Sniffing roasted turkey skins

He slept turning the four paws in the air

Meanwhile hugs in the stomach

Now, when the joyful children

Will be sitting under the tree

They will open their gifts, merry

Then exceed a small stirring head

That of an adorable kitten, pushing mewing.

Joëlle Jean-Baptiste – Author